How To Buy An Outfit

How To Buy An Outfit

Eventually you are going to find an outfit you like and want to buy it. Hopefully one of our schoolgirl outfits has caught your eye, or something else. Its a very easy process too.

Remember when you registered, you transferred 5 rays to UVDeviant. To see if your fund transfer went through, just click the Buy option in the preview. You will not be charged immediately, but asked for confirmation. Or told you don’t have enough funds for the purchase.

In this case the later since you only have 5 rays. You’ll need to add more funds before you can buy anything. Go back to this UV profile:

Click the “Send Me Funds” option, and the transfer page will appear.

Enter the amount you want to add and then your PIN number. You do not have to give a reason. Then click “Submit Transfer”.

(If you have not set your PIN number, click HERE to learn how.)

You will be returned to the UVDeviant profile and a message of “Funds Successfully Transferred” will appear below the banner. Go back to the outfit you want, and now buy it.

You will then see this message; “This outfit has been added to My Style Wardrobe”. Congratulations, you’ve bought your first outfit. Next we will learn how to put it on your Avatar, but first though a treat for you…

The Free Stuff

Remember the different ways to Search? One way is price and surprisingly there are tons of outfits for free on UVDeviant.

Under By Price, click the Free Items link, and then if you want to restrict it further, either the Female or Male link. Free items can just be “Grabbed” to place them into your Wardrobe. Take some time and go through the catalog, some of the outfits are very nice.

Once you’ve gotten everything you would like, now you need to put it on your avatar and create some outfits.

NEXT: Wearing Your Outfit – My Styles Wardrobe

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