My Styles Wardrobe

Wearing Your Outfit – My Styles Wardrobe

Buying an outfit is just the first step, now you’ll want to get it onto your avatar.

Place your mouse over the UVT Style Catalog tab will produce a drop down menu. Click the first option, My Styles Wardrobe to bring up the list of your clothing.

Your Wardrobe is where you will find the codes for the items in the outfit you buy or for free ones, grab. Using these codes you can wear the outfit as displayed by the designer, or mix the items with other outfits to create something unique for you.

Clicking on an outfit’s name will bring up a picture of the outfit, in this case the official BJU Cheerleader outfit by V_Darcschaed, as well as the codes for the items in the outfit. You will see both Meshes and Skins listed. Meshes are the underlying matrix that gives each piece its shape and are common throughout UV. Skins are the outward appearance of the piece and are done by the designers themselves. Think of a mesh as being the t-shirt, the skin as the silkscreen on the front.

Be sure you don’t click on the X at the front of the outfit. This will delete the outfit from your Wardrobe.

Now open a second tab and go to your profile’s home page.

Open a second tab from the left, Profile.

This will open a second row of tabs below the first. Click the last tab on the right, Avatar. This will open the Direct Avatar Editor We will learn how to use this tool next.

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