Registering with UVD

Registering With UVD

To buy and wear clothing from UVDeviant, you must be a member. The first step then is to register with them. From any page on their site, click Register in the top right.

Enter your Utherverse user name and the email address you registered with at UV. This is important because the UVDeviant system will not recognize fund transfers if this is not correct.

Open a second tab and go to this UV profile:

This profile is strictly for transferring funds to UVDeviant. We will discuss what to do if you have problems and how to contact UVD, at the end of this post. You will want to fund your UVD membership initially with 5 rays as a test. You will want to add funds later when you decide to buy an outfit.

Click the “Send Me Funds” option, and the transfer page will appear.

Enter the amount and then your PIN number. You do not have to give a reason. Then click “Submit Transfer”.

(If you have not set your PIN number, click HERE to learn how.)

You will be returned to the UVDeviant profile and a message of “Funds Successfully Transferred” will appear below the banner.

It may take up to 10 minutes for the servers to refresh and for UVDeviant to credit your account. Return to the UVDeviant website page, which you should still have opened. Log in with your id and password if it did not automatically do so, when you registered. If you can log in, you have successfully registered with UVDeviant. If it gives you a “Can not find member info” message, you have a problem. (See below.)

If you can log on, then click on the UVTStyle Catalog page and return to the outfits.

Click on any outfit. A preview will appear. It will have additional information about the outfit. Some will have more pictures, just click the Next at the top of the preview.

Now you can begin shopping for outfits. And who does not like to shop….

If You Are Unable To Register

UVDeviant will tell you that should your registration not work, to wait 24 hours for the system to reset. I have seen instances of it not accepting your second registration, claiming you are already in the system, yet not let you log in. If you click Support in the upper right of the site, you will see this page:

You’ll notice to use Customer Support you need to log in, but if you can’t log in then how do you access Customer Support?

If you have waited 24 hours and are unable to re-register feel free to contact our in World Representative, Madam_Silence via email through her Utherverse profile here.

Madam_Silence, Silent Rewards Liaison

She’s usually online in World each day and should contact you within 48 hours. She will send the UVDeviant Customer Service an email explaining your problem. This can usually solve it and get you registered.

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