The Avatar Editor

The Avatar Editor

When putting outfits onto your avatar, the Avatar Editor found in your Profile is what you will use for UVDeviant clothing as well as any outfits you want to modify from the In-World Closet.

The Editor is divided into three parts, Save Current Avatar Outfit, Saved Outfits and at the bottom, the Direct Avatar Editor. You will use each one at different points.

The top part, Save Current Avatar Outfit is what you will use to save the outfit or changes to one, that you are working on. You type a name (over 3 characters) then save. It will place the outfit into the Closet where you can access it In-World.

In the top right you will see the number of slots for new outfits you have remaining. You can buy more slots for outfits in this section. You have 10 free slots at first, with each additional one costing you 2 rays.

The middle part, Saved Outfits lists all outfits currently in your In-World Closet. You can apply an outfit to your avatar here but note, if you are currently In-World at the time, this will not change your avatar’s clothing but instead the change will take place the next time you change Regions (aka teleport). If you are not In-World, this change will appear next time you log in.

You can also delete outfits here but be careful, any outfit deleted can not be retrieved.

The Direct Avatar Editor

Now we come to the fun stuff, applying the outfits we bought in UVDeviant to our avatar.

As you can see, clothing on an avatar is actually a mix of individual meshes and skins, but its more detailed than that. Meshes come in two types, what I call “fixed” or “variable“. Meshes like ClothingTorso or SexyClothingLeg, are fixed and as such you just need to add their corresponding skin. Meshes like SkirtMesh or FootMesh are variable in that there are more than one mesh for that location on the avatar. A complete list of the meshes is listed in the Customizing Your Outfit – Hints & Tricks.

Note: The first four lines of code, SkinLeg, SkinHead, SkinTorso, and SkinEyes, are actually fixed meshes, not skins. They are actually for your avatar’s skin color and race. VIPs with UVDeviant memberships can get free skin outfits. See the “Customizing Your Outfit” page for how to add them to your Wardrobe.

You should have your UVD Wardrobe page still opened, if not, open it and select the outfit you wish to put on.

Here is our earlier example, V_Darcschaed’s BJU Cheerleader outfit. (The skin codes have been blurred.) Notice the list of codes beginning with FootSkin. Copy that line of code, beginning with “UF” and ending with “.png” and paste it into the FootSkin line of the Avatar Editor. Skins will always end in either png or jpg, which are graphic files.

The second line of code, FootMesh, is “HF_Shoes8.gml”. The FootMesh is a variable mesh and you’ll find Shoes1 thru 13. Each one is a slighty different shoe design, open toe, high heel, boot, etc, and the original designer has made that skin for that specific mesh. Some skins can be applied to other meshes though, you will learn how in “Customizing Your Outfit” at the end of this tutorial.

Once you have added all of the outfit’s codes, you will need to go back to each of the skins and change the source from Public to UVTexture, via the drop down menu. Leave the meshes as Public.

Before the final step of saving your work, review the list. You begin editing with the codes of what ever outfit you are currently wearing on your avatar. In some cases there might still be remains of that outfit. Perhaps stockings or underwear you don’t think will fit with the new outfit. Once you are satisfied, go to the bottom of the page and click “Save Changes“.

Now go to the top of the page, and give your outfit a title, then click “Save Outfit“.

And you will get a message your outfit has been saved to your Closet.

Check your list and if it has been added, the Congratulations!!!, you have just bought and added your first outfit. Next, let’s apply it to your avatar and troubleshoot any problems.

Wearing Your Outfit / Troubleshooting Problems

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