The UVTStyle Catalog

Navigating the UVTStyle Catalog

With over 90 thousand custom items at last look, UVD offers everything from clothing to hair, eyes, makeup, and skin, as well as jewelry and tattoos. And not just for humans. You will find monsters, dragons, furry outfits and just about anything else you can imagine. Just click the UVTStyle Catalog tab on the Homepage.

uvd style catalog

When the UVTStyle Catalog opens it will display the most recent additions to the UVD catalog. You can browse forward by clicking either Next or Back, as well as by Page Number, found at the bottom of the page.


With so many outfits available, you will need to do a bit of searching to find what you want. There are several ways to do this.

To the left of the page are the main search options, beginning with the Search Box. Just type in what you are looking for. You can further refine the search by specifying the Sex, Price Range or Category. The Categories are further sub-divided.

There is also an option to view the Keywords Cloud based on tags added by the designer when they posted the outfit. This can be helpful when you are unsure of what the category of the outfit is under. Unfortunately many designers do not add tags.

In addition you can go directly to a specific designers’ catalog by using the top drop down menu. Designers are listed alphabetically.

The “Hawtspot” is another drop down menu but one that will show you the most popular outfits of the moment and what people are buying now.

To view more about an outfit, just click on the listing. A larger preview will appear. Clicking the “Click here for info before buy/grab” will display the codes included as well as the categories this outfit is displayed in. Some outfits have additional photos. You will need to be logged in to purchase. Close the preview by clicking the XBox in the top right.

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