Wearing Your Outfit / Troubleshooting Problems

Wearing Your Outfit

Log into Utherverse as you would normally and once there open your Closet. Check Your Stored Outfits and see if the outfit you just added is there.

(If this is the first time you have customized your avatar Click Here.)

Note: If you had the Closet open when you Saved Current Avatar Outfit in the Avatar Editor, the outfit will not appear on the list of Stored Outfits. You will need to close the Closet and re-open it to access the outfit.

Select the new outfit and apply it to your avatar. After a moment it should appear. If it doesn’t look right, then we need to check to see what the problem is and correct it.

Troubleshooting Problems

1) Pinked: The most common problem is a section of the outfit will appear pink.

This is caused by the skin for that item, not being changed from Public to UVTexture. Check the Avatar Editor again and find the line for that part of the outfit. Be sure it is changed.

For outfits you have had for a while, and the entire outfit appears pink, you may have been reported as not buying the outfit from the original designer. Some people on Utherverse steal outfits, and re-sell them. There is no fix for this other than buying directly from UVDeviant.

(Recent changes to UVD may make this non-applicable in the future.)

2) Holes: When you apply an outfit for the first time it has a gap in the clothing.

The graphic files uploaded to UVDeviant must be a certain size, if they are not, then the graphic can produce holes. The solution is two fold depending on how long ago you bought the outfit.

If it has been less than 24 hours since you purchased the outfit, send an email to the designer and tell them of the problem. Most designers will resubmit their graphic and send it to you. If they do not reply before the 24 hours is up, you should request a refund via your Styles Wardrobe from UVD. Its best to send a link to a picture showing the problem too. Click here to view the UVDeviant Refund Policy

If it is after 24 hours, then you must go directly to the designer. Send them an email and explain the situation. Most will be glad to work with you to either get you a new copy corrected, or give you a refund. In some cases the designer may no longer be on Utherverse and you’ll be out of luck. One reason for checking that outfit out immediately after you buy it.

Note: In some instances the designer will tell you its not their fault and that its because you have your settings on low or medium resolution. Usually these are newer designers who are misinformed. We recommend that you refer them to This UVForum Thread for clarification.

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