Grunthos Designs

Gruntho's Outfit

This sexy schoolgirl outfit from Grunthos Designs will look great in your wardrobe. White open top, tied below the breasts with a “come molest me” necktie, plaid mini skirt with matching g-string and shoes, makes this the perfect outfit to wear for some private tutoring in the library or even a well deserved visit to detention.


BUY at UVDeviant for 27.50 rays – CLICK HERE


NAME: UVD – “Naughty Schoolgirl (color)”


Blouse, skirt, shoes – (ClothingTorso, SexClothingLeg, FootSkin, FootMesh, SkirtSkin, SkirtMesh)

NOTES: Free matching stockings and panties now available in Grunthos Design’s UVD catalog.


Grunthos' Outfit Colors

Available in Blue (Shown Above), Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple and Orange.

Special Holiday Red and White Schoolgirl Outfit – CLICK HERE


BUY at UVDeviant for 27.50 rays – CLICK HERE


Check out more outfits by Grunthos Design, including these latest offerings:

Grunthos' Newest Outfits

Or visit their Store in Utherverse – Click Banner.

Gruntho's Banner


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